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Hi! My name is Golda S. Benjamin. After 16 years in Manila and 1 year in Europe, I can now finally  call myself a Dumaguete-based lawyer. I'm passionate about giving simple but effective legal advice to individuals, businesses, and development organizations. I also love user-friendly technology and believe that even legal services should be accessible online. 

I've been practicing law for 13 years but I finally decided to put up this website to allow people to reach and consult me online- especially those who are not in Dumaguete or those who are too busy with their own businesses or other work to visit a lawyer at her office. So far, my clients really appreciate the convenience of having the option to consult and pay online. Law and lawyers should also adapt to changing times. 

Aside from teaching at Silliman University College of Law, I am also the Southeast Asia Researcher & Representative of Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

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Send an INQUIRY-on maternity leave. Responses may take 5-7 days. Feel free to contact other lawyers. Thanks!

Room 1 2nd Floor Paciano Concepcion Building, Hibbard Avenue, Dumaguete City

(The building is across Coco Grande Hotel.  FoodNet is at the ground floor.)