Minimum rates

These are the official minimum rates established by the Integrated Bar of the Philippines- Negros Oriental chapter.  These rates do not include expenses such as filing fees, transportation, and hotels/accommodations. 

If you need a particular service and the rate is not on the list or in the IBP resolution, feel free to ask your lawyer. 

Consultation and retainership

 Plain consultation Php 1,000 for up to one hour + Php 500 for a fraction of one hour thereafter
Consultation with written advice Php 2,500
 Preparation of attorney's letter Php 2,500
 Retainership Php 3,000/month


 Registration of Corporations or Partnerships Php 50,000
 Appointment as Corporate Secretary Php 2,500/month

Documentation & Notarial Fees

 Notarize a simple affidavit Php 200
 Prepare and notarize a simple affidavit Php 500
 Authenticate a document Php 500
 Prepare and/or notarize deeds of
sale or other deeds of conveyances
 Php 2,000 minimum or
3% of fair market value,
whichever is higher

check acceptance fees and other rates

Integrated Bar of the Philippines' Resolution No. 2013-2014, click here.